Marsh side

home deckFor more than two decades, Aldwyth has produced her art in relative seclusion from the larger art world. Now seventy-five, she lives and works in an octagonal house on the edge of a salt marsh on one of South Carolina’s sea islands, where she creates astonishingly complex collages and assemblages that recall the fantastical intricacies of Hieronymus Bosch. Aldwyth’s collages are often epic in scale. In her essay for the catalogue, Rosamond Purcell prepares the viewer for a trip through time and space. “Packed with intrinsically fashioned episodes, they seem like worlds that lie outside of our world, and so infinitely worth exploring. To do so, however, one must turn into a viewer of cities from space, an ant crawling on a blanket.”Aldwyth: work v. / work n. –

Mark Sloan, Director and Senior Curator
Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art
College of Charleston


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